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Pixie dust bombs 150g

Seven Senses

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Pixie dust bombs 150g
Pixie dust bombs 150g

Does your little one love making potions? These dust bombs are the perfect addition, made with all food grade ingredients, and no nasties they are safe and super fun, you only need plain tap water to activate.

These special Pixie bombs are perfect to add some bubbling, fizzing fun to your potions. You might need to head to the forest to find some special dandelions, clover and pebbles to add into your potion, but I hear that the pixies also love small stones, seeds, leaves and twigs too if you can't get to the forest!  Add all of your treasures you think you might need for a magic potion, a small pebble, a few twigs, and some lovely clovers, don't forget some water from the forests babbling brook (plain water works fine too shhh) give it a stir, add in however many bombs you would like and watch the magic fizzing happen! 

Pixie bombs contains approx 150g mix of Green, Blue, and Yellow. We always recommend an adult supervise sensory play with any of our products, rest assured they are safe if a little taste test happens, but are not intended for consumption.

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