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Guava Dough 350g

Seven Senses

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Guava Dough 350g
Guava Dough 350g

Our beautiful super soft dough in a lovely earthy pink Guava.

Playdough is an amazing tool to keep the little ones entertained, however that's not the only thing our dough can do, it builds those tiny little muscles in the hands and wrists that are needed for all the basic life skills, it gives those little hands something to squish and squeeze and poke and prod, it can be quiet calming and provide the sensory input that many children need plus most of all it is fun!

Seven senses dough is made with food grade ingredients, however it is not intended as food, and does have a high salt content. 

Seven Senses always recommends adults supervising children whilst using sensory resources such at dough, rice and fizzy dust.

*please note we have increased the dough amount, but have got rid of our tubs so dough will be sent in food grade sealed bags. More dough same price! 

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